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Quality Control

In our enterprise, every member is well aware of that 鈥榟igh-quality鈥 is our lifeline.

We devote all our care and attention to maintaining the safety, sanitation, health and wonderful taste. To achieve this, our enterprise applies the strictest quality standard and regulations, from raw materials into the factory to processing, and from finished products inspection to transportation.

High-Quality in our enterprise is guaranteed by the following steps:
鈼 Regular training and guidance to the contracted farmers
鈼 Raw material control at entrance
     -- Sensory test
    -- Rapid pesticide analysis
鈼 Clean deep water used, periodical water quality analysis
鈼 Greatest care during processing
Video monitor system  covering the entire production process 

    Production records covering the entire production process

鈼 Strict selecting and safe packaging, free of foreign body and contamination

鈼 The products must pass through the heavy metal detector and X-ray machine
鈼 Our own laboratory equipped with advanced instrument
     --Microbiological and chemical analysis every lot
鈼 Third-party analysis is available according to client request, Sino, SGS, Eurofins
     -- Pesticide, heavy metal, etc
鈼 Refrigerant and dehumidification units were installed in the product storage warehouse,

   to ensurethat the product is in the appropriate storage temperature and dry condition

 鈼 Make sure truck or container is clean and safe enough before load goods

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